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“I never change, I simply become more myself”

– Joyce Carol Oates, Solstice


“You don’t need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.”

– Anonymous


I am 44 years old; single mother of two small daughters. I like to leave my comfort zone and test myself. I enjoy being with friends, to dance, to travel and love challenges.

Turning-points of my life made me who I am now. I have found myself. The journey wasn’t easy, but I looked at all difficulties as challenges and adventures. And the journey is not over yet. 🙂

Looking back these turning-points are not as painful as the way they felt at the time, being there , trying to find the way forward, trying to move on. It is not easy to make a decision, but once you have the direction and made the first steps, the journey to find yourself and the happiness unrelated to others, is unbelievable.

Helping others has been always a very important part of my professional and private life. I have openly took on all difficulties my life threw at me, helping others with similar problems. This was my motivation to become a life coach so I can give this help with more knowledge.

I am happy. This doesn’t mean I smile 24 hours a day or that I would not have small and bigger problems to deal with. But I have a content and balanced relationship with the most important person; me.


Some of the areas I have experiences in my life:

divorced parents

abusive relationship

chronic illness


difficulties of motherhood


fidelity and divorce

relationship problems (goals, desires, intimacy, balance, communication)

acceptance, letting go and new beginning

As for my qualification and professional life. I have a degree in primary education, another degree in movement therapy. Other certificates related to education and psychology. I worked most of my life with people with disabilities. The last 7 years I run my own business as an educational adviser and organised classes and courses for mothers and toddlers and new parents. In 2014 I completed my studies to become a life coach.

Why Life Coaching?

An outsider, with appropriate experience and practice in life easier can see the solution in you then yourself. We help you to find the key to succeed.

We are not psychologists, we do not delve into your past. The present and the future are in focus. Of course, things can still get emotional if that is what you want.

We do not give advice. The key is in your hands. We will walk with you all the way, using questioning techniques, but only you will have the answer. It’s your answer. Your choice. Your decision. Your step.

It is important to give honest answers. Not to us, but to yourself. This is the only way we can be truly effective together.

We will guide, support and help you in the process of change; to assure this change become permanent, to create a happier and more successful life.

The main point of coaching is that the answer, the decision comes from you. It’s yours. And that’s why it works and the solution will be the best possible. We will be there with you and support you, but the job is yours.

We help you to help yourself. We encourage you if you get stuck. We develop strategies to bypass failures, or make it easier to be able to stand up again. We’ll be there when you need us. We will make plans with you, and celebrate when you reach your goal. And let you go when a lasting change what you set comes to fruition.

Good to know

The first step is yours! Email us or phone us!

After contacting us you will receive a list of questions, we would like you to answer. Then we arrange a time and date suitable to meet.

Meetings are generally 45-60 minutes long and held at a city centre location in Pest (9th district 9) or Buda (2nd district).


Introductory session ( first meeting):

5.000Ft/ occasion

Following sessions:


45.000Ft/ 4 occasions

50.000Ft/5 occasions

Skype sessions :




The first session is about getting to know each other and the problem you will present to me. We can only move forward from here if we like and able to trust each other; our partnership will be built on this through the following sessions.

Meetings usually arranged for every fortnights and we should able to reach our goal in 3-4 months. Of course any special arrangements are possible on request. Outside our sessions we can keep in touch by email, phone or even Skype if necessary and agreed on.

Life coaching is fully successful  when we reach our set goal, the wanted change  persist without our help. With your new goals we will be happy to see you again.

Every information we receive from you will be kept confidential and will not be passed onto a third party.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!


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